About The Author

♣  Jennifer Jeffers  ♣

Life is about making the most of what you have, and language is my most precious commodity. Writing creative, engaging content to enhance learning and communication is the work that fuels my heart and mind. History provides a fascinating platform for us to examine the unimaginable struggle of humanity’s progress towards the light of understanding and acceptance, moving through unbearable amounts of violence, desolation, and fear. Not only is history way, way stranger than fiction, but it is the thematic foundation of life and the great mother of all stories. This unique lens allows us to see the trajectory of our existence and the magnitude of what lies ahead. I am here to share these stories, for entertainment and for edification, and to offer my bit for those who seek the curious details of the Raven.

I am a mama, wife, and daughter; I’ve been a student, I’ve been a teacher (hell, I’ve been a waitress), but I’ve always been a writer. Creating learning courses for continuing education is my job, but The Raven Report is my labor of love. If you enjoy a good dose of dark history as much as I do, you’ve come to the right place.