Meet the Raven-A harbinger of things to come…


The Raven, in its sleek, black glory, is the symbol of prophecy and the holder of ancestral memories. If we have anything to learn from the great uncertainties of the past, the Raven can surely teach us. History’s stark truths are poignant and often terrifying, illuminating the undeniable shadows that live within us all. What has occurred before our time is real–it has power and influence–and the Raven delivers its harrowing message with wisdom and fearlessness… whether we learn from it is entirely up to us.

Although these writings are factual, they are also the work of literary nonfiction. While the articles do not stray beyond historical parameters, I do take creative license with images so as to explore subjects more deeply and contextually. That said, I always strive for accuracy and a fair depiction of the events or people in question. Yes, I will utilize a storyteller’s discretion at times but never, ever at the expense of the truth.

If you feel I have researched or recorded something in error, taken a noticeably limited perspective, or offered an overtly inadequate representation of a historical situation or person, please feel free to contact me with the specifics. I will certainly take your thoughts into consideration; it keeps me honest and helps me learn. There’s no shame in changing something to increase the integrity of it. And, of course, thank you for reading and being engaged.

Let’s make history.