Meet the Raven—A harbinger of things to come.


The Raven, in its sleek, black glory, is a prophetic symbol and the holder of ancestral memories. He can never be silenced—not by man and not by the gods. If we have anything to learn from the great uncertainties of the past, the Raven can surely teach us. History’s stark truths are poignant and often terrifying, illuminating the undeniable shadows that live within us all. What has occurred before our time is real—it has power and influence—and the Raven delivers its harrowing message with fearless intention. Whether or not we choose to learn something is entirely up to us.

The Raven’s honesty burns and defies those who wish only to hide from the truth—because that’s what the Raven does. He is answerable to nothing but the direction of the wind. Haters who bear witness to his timeless flight yearn to stop him because they know it signals the end of their toxic reign. With the Raven by our side, we will no longer sit and eat the bland, sickening meal they have prepared for us—the betrayal and the lies. Follow the Raven as he continues to search, discover, and reveal everything there is to know about the untold and you will start to feel again, to relearn again. And for those who feel pissed off, welcome to the party.


Although these writings are factual, they are also a work of literary nonfiction. So while they don’t stray beyond historical parameters, some creative license has been taken with images and context. That said, these stories strive for historical accuracy and a fair depiction of the events, people, and places being discussed. If you feel I have researched or recorded something in error, taken a noticeably limited perspective, or offered an inadequate representation of a historical element, please feel free to contact me privately with the specifics. I will certainly take your thoughts into consideration—it keeps me honest and helps me learn. But please remember, this blog is a labor of love intended to promote the joy of learning and the inherent value of thinking about the past. It is not a professional site and does not take money from vendors or advertisers. I do not have an editor, often write with many children running around, and pay for everything myself. So, if you see an error, try not to be surprised—it happens.

This writing comes from a benevolent and curious place where suggestions are welcome but insults are not tolerated. History, with all of its significance, can be an emotionally-charged topic, especially because most interested people consider it to be theirs in some capacity and representative of what they were taught or have grown to believe. While this can bring up feelings of anger or confusion in readers who don’t agree with my rendering, it’s important to remember history is an academic pursuit and one that demands some degree of individual perspective and interpretation. The Raven Report is my labor of love and my creation, so take it for what it is. If you have greater expectations for the depiction of history, I suggest you start a blog of your own. And for those of you with no complaints, I like your style!

Thank you for reading and being engaged. Let’s make history.

—Jen Jeffers

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